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The Youth2030 Challenge, powered by MyEffect, connects young people with partners—nonprofits, brands and influencers—to take action in their communities to solve social and economic challenges.

It supports the mandate of the United Nations’ Youth Strategy to empower the young generation to be catalysts for solutions around the world. 

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Why the Youth2030 Challenge

Young people—Millennials and Gen Z—are leaders of today

  • A population of almost 2 billion worldwide
  • Largest working generation, with 40 million new young workers under 30 entering the workforce every year
  • Influence over $600 billion in household spending annually
  • Three in four Millennials report they will stop giving if they don’t see how their contributions are making an impact
  • As a generation that demands transparency, a brand strong in social responsibility and ethics is one of their top retention factors

By 2030, Millennials will be at the helm of the world’s largest companies and today’s students will be rising to middle management. To build a better future, it is critical we engage the demographic that will be leading (and dealing with) the outcomes of our actions.

Challenge Overview

If you could mobilize your network to to change the world,
what would it be?

MyEffect’s mobile app and online platform unites Youth2030 participants with partners to take action for a shared cause and track everyone’s impact. All actions are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Creating a win-win….

Participants earn credits for their actions and enter to win perks, while partners can monitor and report on the measured change they create.

Top participants will be invited to New York City to during the UN Annual General Assembly Week in September, 2019.

Pre-Registration is Open: April 8 – May 31, 2019

First Challenge Runs: June – August, 2019

SDG Pick

Take Action for the SDGs

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a global framework to address the most pressing issues affecting people and the planet—including poverty, gender equality, climate change, quality education and clean water—by the year 2030.

MyEffect, and our Youth2030 Challenge partners, believe young people can be—and more importantly already are—a catalyst for change to achieve the SDGs.

Our Youth2030 Challenge bridges the gap to action—connecting young people who want to make an impact with partners working towards the same goals—and provides a system to recognize everyone’s collective impact.


SDGs grid showing icons for the 17 UN goals

Join Partners Making an Impact

and many more!

How to Get Involved


Pre-register for a free MyEffect account and get matched with opportunities to make an impact tailored to your interests and skills.

Nonprofits / Civil Society

Recruit new volunteers, donors and community ambassadors for your cause by posting calls-to-action for participants to do.


Bring visibility to your social responsibility commitments by offering challenge perks for participants making an impact for your cause.

MyEffect builds digital solutions to develop and improve humanity. Our mission is to create a future where every individual has the resources they need to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to society. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to organize the inaugural Youth2030 Challenge—a global initiative equipping young people with the opportunity and resources they need to discover, track and share their positive contributions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through this initiative, we aim to position young people as valued agents of change—bringing visibility to their actions and facilitating the community connections they need to co-create efforts for global peace and prosperity.
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