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Make an impact this summer

The Youth2030 Challenge is young global citizens at the forefront of making change happen—as students, consumers, young employees, emerging activists and social entrepreneurs. 

You are already taking action to rally, stand up, challenge controversy, engage influencers and create impact projects to address critical social and environmental issues you see.

The Youth2030 Challenge, powered by MyEffect brings visibility to your voice, actions and impact.

It connects you with opportunities—and partners—aligned with your passions and gives you a resource to capture the measured change you are creating in your community.

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Pre-register before May 31, 2019 to earn 25 bonus credits and gain priority access to the MyEffect app.





How it Works

What want to create in the world?


Partners and actions—volunteer opportunities, community projects, advocacy events and leadership activities—aligned with your personal passions and skills.


Your experience—including volunteer hours, skill development and social impact—and earn credits for each action you complete to win perks from Youth2030 Challenge partners.


Your impact story with photo memories and an ImpactResume® that showcases your positive contributions and leadership experience to aid your professional development.

Win Perks and Digital Badges for Your Impact

Including a trip to New York City during the United Nations Annual General Assembly week in September, 2019!

Become Future Ready

During the challenge, you will have the opportunity to develop your ImpactResume® on MyEffect.

ImpactResumes® are verified lifelong learning profiles that showcase the applied skills, social impact and life experience you gain outside of formal classroom or work settings. This includes your volunteer work, extracurricular projects, community initiatives and independent learning activities—which MyEffect live updates your profile as you track your actions with our mobile app. 



  • Differentiate in the job market by demonstrating applied skills and transferrable experience to prospective employers
  • Compile all of your extracurricular achievements, community projects and leadership experience into a sharable profile
  • Provide a more comprehensive profile on who you are as a leader, including your cause passions and social impact
  • Overcome barriers to employment or access to education by tracking your skill development in new ways
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Why Participate in the Youth2030 Challenge

Be part of a global movement celebrating your power to lead change

Build Your Network

Connect with like-minded peers, social influencers, nonprofits and brands that share your passions and want to make an impact.

Develop Skills

Gain new experience and skills to advance your career development by working on projects that you care about.

Recognize Impact

Track the impact you are creating in your community and see how your actions are contributing to global issues like the SDGs.

Are you leading a youth-led initiative or social venture project? Contact our team to learn how you can have your project profiled!

Our Founding Passion

Learn more about MyEffect and why our founder Kelly Lovell is passionate about creating opportunities for young leaders to succeed. Watch her speech highlights from United Nations headquarters during the 57th Commission on Social Development.

  • Intro – Addressing inequalities through Youth Entrepreneurship
  • 0:34 – How Kelly got started as a young woman entrepreneur
  • 0:60 – The challenge for young talent and landscape for future of work
  • 2:25 – How MyEffect is bridging the skills gap
  • 3:05 – The skills you need for the future
  • 3:50 – Kelly’s advice for young entrepreneurs
  • 4:55 – Where do you need to focus? (i.e. industries and types of innovation)
  • 6:45 – How can entrepreneurs overcome barriers


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