Volunteer Management

Mobilize and recognize support
for your cause

A Human-Centered Approach to Foster
Loyalty and Commitment

Take Volunteer Management to the Next Level

Public branded page

Overview of your organization's initiatives and cumulative impact visible to the entire MyEffect community

Unlimited postings

Post actions to mobilize member support for program activities, manage sign-ups and track contributions

Easy user interface

Members can use the MyEffect app to independently track and verify their activities with you

Engagement trends

Identify your most engaged volunteers and their interests with ready-made trend reports

Impact reporting

Go beyond hours and dollars to measure the full spectrum of your impact with social indicators aligned with the SDGs.

Impact Stories

Capture photo memories of members from your initiatives to showcase the volunteer experience


Stop looking

Tap into a network looking to take action. The MyEffect app matches members passionate about your cause with your actions so you don't have to search.

Save time

User-friendly mobile check-in coupled with quick exports for member contributions saves administration time and takes the hassle out of monitoring and evaluation.

Communicate impact

Receive real-time insight into your activity to share with donors, board members and sponsors. MyEffect has 75+ social impact indicators to highlight your positive impact.