Program and Event Activations

Turn Ideas into Action

Events and programs are designed to equip participants with new knowledge, tools and resources to take action for a common goal, but what happens after they return to their community?

How do you guide participants to act on their ideas and monitor and report on their progress after they leave you?

Answer “what’s next?” for participants by creating trackable, incentivized calls-to-action on MyEffect that promote the application of knowledge and ideas developed with you.

Your Cause in Action: From start for finish


Build an active community by engaging participants in actions prior to your initiative
Example: You are organizing a concert with an artist that is passionate about climate action and you want to emphasize sustainability in the tour.

Calls-to-action: Volunteer for a bottle drive, organize a community clean-up or zero waste project, plant a tree, etc.

Perk: Enter to win a backstage pass, meet-and-greet or VIP experience (i.e. opportunity to come on stage).


Create calls-to-action that drive participants to engage and benefit the most from your program.
Example: You are organizing a conference and use MyEffect to take the classic event passport concept to the next level.

Calls-to-action: Visit specific booth locations, track session attendance and participate in interactive activities during the day.

Perk: Enter to win an event giveaway, a meet-and-greet with a VIP speaker, mentorship/coaching call, etc.


Make programming experiential by adding follow-on actions for participants to apply the knowledge and skills they gain.
Example: You are organizing a social entrepreneurship bootcamp where participants identify solutions to a local issue and are equipped to implement

Calls-to-action: Challenge participants to turn their ideas into action and organize a local activity for their cause (i.e. fundraiser, community awareness event, peer mentoring workshop, accessibility project).

Perk: Grant to scale the project, access special skills training or career mentorship.

In their pocket. Wherever You Go.

With its beautifully simple design, MyEffect helps members keep track of their impact with our easy interface.


MyEffect empowers users to follow through on their commitments. Move beyond likes and shares by driving immediate action for your cause, volunteering and programming needs.


MyEffect matches users with calls-to-action tailored to their passions, skill goals and experience—increasing intrinsic motivation and empowering ownership in success.


Demonstrate your ability to drive impact. MyEffect tracks and verifies all actions with proof of completion to increase transparency and report on program impact.

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