How are you contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals?

Educate, empower and recognize the power of people to create a better world.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (the ‘SDGs’) provide a universal framework to tackle the most pressing challenges affecting people and the planet. With 17 ambitious goals to end extreme poverty, inequality and mitigate climate change by 2030, nonprofits, employers, governments and UN agencies each have a role in achieving the SDGs and all benefit from the active engagement of people.

Use MyEffect’s user-friendly tools to mobilize action for your cause, map programs to relevant measurement indicators, and capture quality data to effectively communicate your impact across any and all of the SDGs.


MyEffect for the SDGs


Automatically link your community initiatives to relevant SDGs and be matched with supporters who want to take action for the same goals


Go beyond tracking volunteer hours or dollars raised to measure your real impact with MyEffect's selection of 80+ impact indicators related SDGs


Show your contributions towards the SDGs with visual progress meters, photo memories from your activities, and verified social impact profiles

Big data for big impact

MyEffect has the most comprehensive data reporting solutions available, enabling you to tap into the potential of big data to increase your competitive advantage and increase support from public-private stakeholders.  

  • Produce authenticated reports with verified data on your program activities, including specific actions completed by your community members, aggregate trends, and measured short-term and long-term outcomes.
  • Go beyond traditional measures like dollars to embrace a complete spectrum of relevant, social and environmental measurement indicators related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Access new funding opportunities and broaden reach of your programs to engage new stakeholders by aligning your monitoring and evaluation (M&E frameworks) to the globally accepted standards of the SDGs

Individual goal-setting and recognition

Emphasizing the value of individual contributions, MyEffect’s ImpactResume® profiles empower people to see how their actions are tangibly making a difference through your initiatives. Members in your community–such as program participants, volunteers, employees and partners–can set personal goals for the Sustainable Development Goals they care about, track their own progress and share their achievements. 

  • Increases intrinsic motivation by making your initiatives relevant to an individual's personal passions and goals
  • Retains engagement by providing immediate feedback and visually showing people the value of their ongoing  commitments
  • Promotes career development by equipping people with a new way to demonstrate their potential and showcase their community leadership work, skill development and positive contributions to society
  • Shares your story of change by developing a social narrative around the change you are creating with photo memories and visual achievement badges on member profiles.

Why Invest in Impact Measurement

Top decision factor for volunteers

Making a contribution to the community is a key motivating factor

$ 0 Trillion
market opportunity

For brands that can effectively demonstrate their sustainability commitments and impact

Millennials will STOP donating

Without transparency on  how the donation is making an impact millennials will stop giving

An employer brand strong in social responsibility is a top-rated retention factor for millennials

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