The MyEffect & ScholarshipOwl Civic Leader



MyEffect is proud to partner with ScholarshipOwl to recognize The MyEffect and ScholarshipOwl Civic Leader—a young person actively working to improve their community. MyEffect’s mobile app and online platform connects people with partners to take action for a shared cause and tracks everyone’s impact.

Use the MyEffect app to…
  • Discover and drive action for volunteering, community projects, events and social entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Track social impact, skill development and contributions towards global challenges like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Share your impact story with a global network of young leaders, nonprofits, brands and influencers

Download the MyEffect app to be eligible for the scholarship.


To be eligible, you must be…
  • A registered member on MyEffect
  • Must be 16 years old or older
The winner will be selected by random draw from top participants with significant impact on the MyEffect app during the eligibility period.

Enter to Win the Scholarship

Download the MyEffect App to get your member ID