Youth2030 Challenge

Partnership Opportunities

Mobilize young people to take action for your cause

MyEffect is a platform for young global citizens—Millennials and Generation Z between the ages of 15-35—who are at the forefront of making change happen as consumers, employees, student leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Our Youth2030 Challenge enables you to tap into the collective passion, strength and influence of these young leaders to drive measurable change for your cause. 

Register as a Youth2030 Challenge partner and use MyEffect’s mobile app to create trackable, incentivized calls-to-action for young people to do for your cause.

Partner With Us

Community Partner

For nonprofits and civil society—promote your initiatives, recruit new support and share the challenge with young people in your network.

Perk Partner

Be an agent for change and recognize young people working hard to make an impact for your cause by offering a challenge perk.

Challenge Sponsor

Cement your leadership for one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mobilize young people to do specific calls-to-action for your cause.

Why Partner

  • Recruit new volunteers, donors and/or program participants
  • Increase visibility of your programs and capture new user-generated impact stories from participants
  • Broaden reach by getting matched with motivated student leaders, Millennial employees and social influencers that are passionate about your cause
  • Share your impact with a MyEffect profile showing how your programs contribute to important issues, including the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Power of the Next Generation

  • A population of almost 2 billion worldwide
  • Largest working generation, with 40 million new young workers under 30 entering the workforce every year
  • Influence over $600 billion in household spending annually
  • Three in four Millennials report they will stop giving if they don’t see how their contributions are making an impact
  • As a generation that demands transparency, a brand strong in social responsibility and ethics is one of their top retention factors
Millennials will be at the helm of the world’s largest companies and today’s students will be rising to middle management. To build a better future, it is critical we engage the demographic that will be leading (and dealing with) the outcomes of our actions.

Why MyEffect


MyEffect empowers participants to follow through on their commitments. Move beyond likes and shares by driving immediate action for your cause, volunteering and programming needs.


MyEffect matches participants with calls-to-action tailored to their passions, skill goals and experience—increasing intrinsic motivation and empowering ownership in success.


Demonstrate your ability to drive impact. MyEffect tracks and verifies all actions with proof of completion to increase transparency and report on program impact.

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