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MyEffect is a social networking app for global citizens at the forefront of making change happen—as consumers, employees, student leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Our app and online platform give members the ability to discover, track and share their impact with a community that cares.

MyEffect’s tools facilitate and empower cross-collaboration between stakeholders—everyone in our network shares the common goal of wanting to work together to lead social change. Members are connected with partners such as nonprofits, educators and brands to work together to advance shared causes such as poverty, quality education, climate change, gender equality and mental health.

Particularly young people between 15-35, known as Millennials and Generation Z. This next generation of innovators and leaders want to make an impact and are looking for ways to contribute to causes they’re passionate about.

Local charities and grassroots initiatives to international organizations. They know the changes we need and want to connect with new volunteers and cause champions who are committed to taking action.

Classrooms, high schools, universities, colleges and teachers. They’re educating students about important local, national and international issues and want to turn ideas into action.

Purpose-driven companies invested in creating a better future. They’re focused on reaching and engaging the next generation and furthering their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Connecting bodies, media platforms and development agencies. They bring together different sectors and geographic areas to amplify the awareness and impact of organizations and entities in their network.

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MyEffect Community Guidelines

MyEffect is a safe and positive space for individuals, nonprofits, brands and influencers to come together, develop and grow as a community.


We promote the use of positive language on group discussion boards and private messaging. To uphold this, any offensive or threatening language will be flagged and removed.


We welcome all members to embrace who they are, including their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, socio-economic status, age and citizenship. We strive to promote acceptance and provide a platform free from harassment and discrimination.


We are a community built around collaboration—our collective impact depends on everyone taking their commitments seriously and practicing open communication. We aim to maintain integrity through honest reporting of our social impact.

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