Member Interface

Empower the next generation to take action with you

Harness the power of individual members—your most actionable influencers for change—to broaden reach and scale up impact for your causes.

MyEffect’s tailored solutions integrate personal goal-setting, gamification and personal development to keep your community members engaged.

Use our tools to recruit and retain participation, while gaining valuable insight into engagement trends and social impact.

Our Approach

Mobile First

Optimize your action postings and manage your members on-the-go with MyEffect's free app—providing the flexibility and convenience the young generation seeks.


MyEffect connects your opportunities to the passions, skills and experience of members—increasing their intrinsic motivation and empowering ownership in success.


Through integrated social sharing, dedicated community hubs and photo memories, MyEffect empowers members to share their impact stories with their network.

Prepare an opportunity for personal growth

MyEffect strengthens member engagement by connecting your program activities to an individual’s personal goals and career development needs. All members on MyEffect receive an ImpactResume® profile to showcase the personal development, applied skills and transferrable experience they gain through your programs. 

This empowers members to see how their actions are tangibly making a difference and contributing to their personal goals—fostering retention and longer term commitment.


  • Celebrates who individuals are, what they care about and the impact they want to create in the world
  • Improves employment outcomes by helping members differentiate in the job market and demonstrate their skill competences in a new way
  • Empowers members to choose their own pathway and take ownership of their success and accomplishments
  • Provides leadership visibility of an individual’s journey, skill development and community passions
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Gamification for Meaningful and Effective Engagement


Showcase your top engaged members while motivating their peers to get more involved

Profile Indicators

Recognizing reliability and impact, MyEffect's indicators identify members who have attained outstanding milestones in their volunteer journey


Photo memories and ChangeCreds® acknowledge member impact and empower them to share their positive experiences with you

Recognize and Retain Contributions

Members earn credits—known as ChangeCreds®—for every action they complete on MyEffect based on the time they invest and the resulting impact. ChangeCreds® acknowledge contributions and foster intrinsic motivation among your members.

  • Identify your most actionable members and recognize key contribution milestones
  • Increase commitment—members only receive ChangeCreds® for the completion of actions
  • Foster loyalty by offering member perks after they reach specific ChangeCreds® scores based on their impact

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