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Measuring the SDGs: How To Capture and Communicate Volunteer Impact

How can you effectively monitor, evaluate and link program impact to the Sustainable Development Goals and its associated indicators?

For many organizations, demonstrating and communicating this information to partners can be a challenge. It’s no longer acceptable just talk about the change we want to see.

The next generation is demanding transparency and purpose from brands, employers, governments and charities alike. Understanding why measuring the impact of volunteering is important!
SDGs grid showing icons for the 17 UN goals

Key Takeaways

Realize the advantages of linking your organization’s work to the SDG targets and indicators, and how to effectively monitor and evaluate your progress
Learn how this information can be used by citizens, non-governmental organizations and companies to highlight successes, communicate impact and improve the volunteer experience
Discover how to track, record and verify the impact volunteers, citizens and/or employees are having on the SDGs

Capture and Communicate Impact

Kelly Lovell, founder of MyEffect, will share her experiences with impact reporting and provide you with the knowledge, tools and examples of how to demonstrate your organization’s SDG impact online using a range of monitoring and evaluation techniques along with other non-traditional self-directed activities such as volunteering, climate action and community-based projects.
  • Participants will gain the knowledge, tools and tangible examples of how to link their monitoring and evaluation work to the SDGs and to demonstrate local SDG impact.
  • Lovell will share impact reporting best practices and provide case examples of how MyEffect provides organizations with a cost-effective solution to measure progress, perform needs analyses and aggregate performance data across any and all of the SDG targets.

About MyEffect


Profiled at multiple United Nations forums, MyEffect is supporting a number of SDG stakeholders and is a partner of Volunteer 2030, Impact 2030, Alliance 2030, and founding stakeholder of Youth 2030 initiatives.


MyEffect’s web-based platform and mobile app localizes action for the SDGs, giving a place for individuals to find, track and share their contributions to the SDGs, while non-governmental organizations and companies can monitor and report on the impact achieved.


The platform provides organizations with real-time insights on program progress, allowing them to report performance on regional activities and make strategic decisions to optimize engagement. ​

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For her innovative contribution to her community and her devotion to enhancing the volunteer sector, Lovell has truly earned the title of Change The World Youth Ambassador. She is the volunteer of the future—a visionary leader who has used technology to promote volunteering in her community
-Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario

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