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Formal education and training is no longer enough to prepare talent for the future of work. Technology continues to rapidly transform the hard skills and knowledge required. For talent to stay relevant and adapt to these changes, emotional intelligence, soft skills and transferable experience are crucial.

Lifelong learning activities—such as volunteering and self-directed projects—help talent foster the skills they need, but typically go unrecognized because it is too difficult for organizations to objectively evaluate them at scale.

MyEffect solves this problem by capturing trusted data on the outcomes of lifelong learning activities with proof of achievements.
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What is an ImpactResume?

An ImpactResume® is a shareable, online profile that showcase an individual’s personal growth and experience gained outside of formal education or work settings.

ImpactResume® profiles are live-updated as individuals track their activities with MyEffect’s app to provide employers, educators and organizations an accurate picture of an individual’s collective experience, applied skills and impact. All digital credentials on an ImpactResume® can be traced back to the time completed with evidence of achievements for greater transparency and compatibility compared to traditional systems.


Interests and Causes

Celebrates who individuals are, what they care about and the meaningful impact they want to create in the world.

Skill Development

Demonstrates competencies and personal growth with a live-updated snapshot of an individual's soft and hard skill development. Goal setting is adjustable to each individual’s specific needs and increases intrinsic motivation by enabling them to set attainable goals that are meaningful to them.

Measured Impact

Showcases an individual's leadership impact across key social outcomes such as number of people helped, mentorship time, volunteer hours and more. Personal actions and goals are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to show how actions directly address larger causes.

What Makes Them Unique

Traditional resumes show what a person knows and has done. MyEffect's ImpactResume® profiles celebrate who a person is and what they can do—providing a more complete picture of an individual's goals, skills and career potential.

Improved Team Fit

Increase team cohesiveness and employee retention with targeted hiring based on skill competencies.

Reduce Inequalities

ImpactResume® profiles help talent with barriers to education and employment differentiate in the workplace.

Demonstrate Applied Skills

Shows competence with proven examples of self-directed learning, social skills and community involvement.

Encourage Lifelong Learning

Empowers talent to take ownership of their success by facilitating opportunities for personal growth and the continual development of essential skills.

Validate Achievements

All activities are authenticated so organizations can objectively evaluate an individual's experience and independent accomplishments.

Cost-Effective Upskill Tool

Overcome the skills gap by sourcing new hires with applied knowledge and connecting existing talent with free community-based learning activities.

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