Impact Measurement

Data that tells your story and celebrates impact with actionable insights

MyEffect’s comprehensive impact reporting tools enable you to tap into the potential of big data to analyze performance and report on your program impact.
Report graphic with social impact icons

Gain real-time insights to optimize your impact

MyEffect’s dynamic tracking tools save you time by collecting real-time data on your program activities—allowing you to monitor member activities to quickly identify and respond to opportunities or programming gaps.

Manage Touch Points Across Your Entire Network

Demonstrate return on community investments

Volunteer hours, dollars and head counts aren’t the only way to measure the change you create—nor do they encompass the true magnitude of your program impact. That’s why MyEffect created a full spectrum of over 75 social impact outputs—mapped to global measurement frameworks like the UN Sustainable Development Goals—to track your progress towards your mission.

Produce authenticated reports to strengthen stakeholder relations

Transparency is key to engaging your community and strengthening stakeholder relations. All actions on MyEffect are verified to help you increase trust among program stakeholders, attract new funding sources and increase volunteer engagement.

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