The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A global roadmap for social impact

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a universal framework to tackle the most pressing challenges affecting people and the planet today. The SDGs were created to unite people through action to create a better future—one without poverty, inequalities and environmental degradation.

These 17 goals focus on people, the planet, prosperity, peace and justice, and partnership—serving as a roadmap how stakeholders can work together to create the change we all want to see by the year 2030.

How We Contribute to the SDGs

Youth Mobilization

MyEffect's app and online platform unites young people under the age of 35 with partners to take action for causes they care about.

Localizes Action

All actions on MyEffect are mapped to the SDG targets—enabling local organizations and individuals to track how they are contributing.

Impact Measurement

MyEffect provides a user-friendly solution to align your community initiatives to the SDGs and monitor and evaluate your impact.

Ending extreme poverty, equal rights to economic resources and basic services, social protection systems

Access to safe and nutritious food, end malnutrition, sustainable food production, productivity of small-scale producers, maintain genetic diversity of food production, resilient agriculture practices, invest in agricultural infrastructure

Universal access to healthcare, mental health, fight disease, substance abuse, sexual and reproductive care, maternal and under-5 mortality

Equal access to education, affordable post-secondary education, universal literacy and numeracy, relevant skills, safe schools

End violence and discrimination against women and girls, equal access to resources and ownership, sexual and reproductive health, forced marriages, female genital mutilation, participation in leadership and decision-making

Access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, water quality and conservation

Access to affordable and reliable energy, energy efficiency, invest in renewable and clean energy

Full employment and decent work, equal pay for equal work, job creation, end to forced labour and slavery, youth employment, universal access to financial services, safe working environments, economic growth

Universal access to information and communications technology, sustainable infrastructure and industrialization, access to financial services and markets, investment in scientific research, technological capabilities and development

End discrimination and financial exclusion, income inequalities, safe mobility of refugees and migrants, social and political inclusion

Access to safe and affordable housing, sustainable transit, green and public spaces, reduce the effects of natural disasters, sustainable cities, cultural and natural heritage

Reduce waste, sustainable production and consumption, responsible waste and chemical management, sustainable management and use of natural resources

Increased education and awareness on climate change, increased capacity to withstand climate disasters

Protecting oceans and marine life, end overfishing, conserve and restore ecosystems

Reforestation and wildlife conservation, sustain fertile soil and land, eliminate poaching and trafficking of protected species, protect biodiversity and natural habitats

Reduce violence, equal access to justice for all, end abuse and violence against children, responsive and representative decision making, universal legal identity, accountable and transparent institutions, corruption and bribery, organized crime and illicit flows

Capacity building in developing countries, mobilize and sharing of resources, public-private partnerships, availability of reliable data, knowledge sharing and cooperation


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