Impact-inspired solutions to prepare students for the future.

MyEffect helps educators equip students with opportunities to develop experience and apply skills outside the classroom, while learning about global citizenship and how their actions affect their community and the world.

ImpactResume® Profiles

Our ImpactResume® fosters future skills development and career readiness by tracking the outcomes of volunteering and lifelong learning experiences.

Sustainable Development Goals

Educate students on global issues and empower them to be part of the solution, using the United Nations SDGs as a framework to evaluate their impact.

Lifelong Learning

Prepare students for the future of work with tools to track relevant skills and experience gained outside of formal learning settings.

Student Engagement

Connect students to peer-to-peer learning opportunities, local partners and experiences to make an impact and accelerate their personal goals.

Student Success

Recognize student development with verified digital badges, while gaining data-driven insights on overall student activities and engagement trends.

Safe Social Community

MyEffect provides a platform for students to connect with peers and community partners in a positive, ad-free environment.

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