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Our mission is to create a future where every individual has the resources they need to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to society. We connect nonprofits with people looking to contribute to their community in active ways.

Whether you are seeking resources to recruit the next generation of the workforce, align programs with the UN SDGs, or measure your impact, MyEffect can help.

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Why Choose MyEffect Workshops

Geared to helping you make the most impact possible
  • Increase organizational capacity for tracking, recording and verifying the impact of volunteers, citizens and/or employees
  • Improved reach through better communication of your impact
Gain expertise in engaging Millennials and Gen Z
  • Build your network of volunteers beyond the aging population to ensure long-term sustainability of your programs
  • By engaging younger volunteers, your organization can also utilize their unique skill set (i.e. to expand your organization’s social media presence, etc.)

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