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ImpactResumes® are online profiles that showcase an individual’s personal growth and experience gained outside of traditional classroom settings with traceable metadata for employers and educators to evaluate achievements.

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Why everyone needs an ImpactResume®

Traditional resumes show what you know and have done.
MyEffect's ImpactResumes® celebrate who you are and what you CAN do–providing a more complete picture of an individual's motivations, competencies and career potential.

WHY? Because traditional education and past career experience isn't enough for people to thrive in the future of work.

Knowledge doesn't translate to competence

80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

In-house training is expensive and not scalable

It's costing employers billions to up-skill their current workforce.

Formal education and tuition isn't accessible to all

People can't expect to pay for formal training for every new job.


There is another way but...

Self-directed activities–whereby individuals take the initiative for what occurs such as in volunteering, entrepreneurship and experiential learning–provide a cost-effective way for employers to upskill their workforce.

While these activities foster the life long learning skills necessary for people to prepare for the future of jobs, they typically go unrecognized because it is too difficult for organizations to monitor and evaluate them at scale.


MyEffect solves this problem by capturing trusted data on the outcomes of self-directed activities to provide organizations proof of achievements.

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ImpactResume® Features

Skills are expiring more rapidly than ever before, and we are entering an era where emotional intelligence, soft skills and transferrable experience is crucial. ImpactResumes® provide the transparency employers require to recognize experience people gain outside of traditional classroom settings.



Celebrates who individuals are, what they care about and the meaningful impact they want to create in world.

Applied Skills

Demonstrates competencies and personal growth with a live-updated snapshot of an individual's soft and hard skills development.

Measured Impact

Showcases an individual's leadership impact across key social outcomes such as number of people helped, mentorship time, volunteer hours and more.

Validated Achievements

All activities authenticated so organizations can objectively evaluate the value of an individual's experience and independent accomplishments.

Fosters the essential skills to become lifelong learners such as creative problem-solving, critical thinking and reflection.

Shows competence with demonstrated examples of self-management skills, social skills, communication skills and more.

Adjustable to an individual’s specific needs and increases intrinsic motivation by enabling them to set attainable goals that are meaningful to them.

Adds personal meaning by empowering individuals to choose their own pathways and feel more ownership in their success.


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