About MyEffect

Digital Solutions to Develop and Improve Humanity

Creating a better future, one measurable action at a time

Our mission is to create a future where every individual has the resources they need to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to society. 

MyEffect’s mobile app and online platform unites people with partners—nonprofits, brands and influencers—to take action for a shared cause and tracks everyone’s impact. 

All actions are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for members to discover and share how they are contributing to important global challenges.

 Will you join us?

What We Do

Provide a network for you to connect with members and partners that share your purpose

Measure your impact for personal or organizational growth and advancement

Facilitate and track lifelong learning

Build capacity for volunteer management, engagement and retention

Localize action for your, including the SDGs, to drive measurable impact for your goals

Our Commitments

Quality Data

MyEffect regulates data collection to provide partners a cost-effective way to analyze and benchmark performance across programs, regions and industries.

Trusted Environment

Members retain ownership of their personal data on MyEffect, so they can interact with partners with confidence and form authentic relationships that last.

Actionable Solutions

MyEffect moves beyond likes and shares online to drive immediate action—such as volunteering, community projects and advocacy efforts—for causes.

MyEffect is a network for global citizens at the forefront of making change happen—as consumers, employees, student leaders and social entrepreneurs.